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Hydrobox project locations

Muranga County, Kenya

Operational pilot plant (25kW) functioning in Muranga County, Kenya selling electricity to 250 households (over 1,000 individuals). Harnessing power of the River Gondo.

Muranga, Kenya

Connected customer grid - reaching up to 25km distance from plant

Scale-Up Kenya

The objective Is to reach a critical mass of 2-3 MW of hydro power projects by the end of 2022 using on-grid and off- grid.


Mapped Planned Operational Sites - On/off-Grid

Expand to DRC and Cameroon

In the DRC, HydroBox is in the process of developing a mini hydro power plant in the province of Badundu. In Cameroon, HydroBox Africa has identified various suitable hydropower locations in the North West for expansion.