Hydrobox winner of EDF Pulse Africa Award 2019 !

On Thursday 21st November, Hydrobox was the proud recipient of the 3rd edition of the EDF Pulse Africa award. The EDF Pulse Africa Awards is organised by European utility group EDF with the aim of recognizing and supporting African Innovators transforming the renewable energy future in Africa.

Out of the five categories of awards up for grabs, Hydrobox won the most innovative Off-Grid electricity production model. The third edition of the EDF Pulse Africa award winners were chosen from a high-quality shortlist of entrants from over 530 SME's spanning 26 African countries by an independent panel of judges with expert knowledge in renewable energy.

According to the panel, Hydrobox met the criterion of innovative solution for generating & storing power as "Hydrobox manufactures and installs small standard and modular hydro-power plants (so called because they fit into containers) with a generation capacity ranging from 100 kW to 5MW depending on the flow of the river and the slope of the site. Easy to transport and install, Hydrobox can be connected to conventional grids or can power off-grid networks in Kenya’s most remote areas. The electrical output generated by Hydrobox enables remote villages to enjoy the benefits of a constant power supply, thereby stimulating local economic growth."

Through its subsidiary Magiro Power, the company currently provides affordable, reliable and sustainable (OFF-GRID) electricity to more than 3,000 individuals, businesses and households in Muranga county . Additionally, the company offers a range of services aimed at lowering access to energy barriers such as connection on credit, appliance lease and demand support to young & female entrepreneurs.

In addition, Hydrobox is developing a pilot project with the Kenyan Government to develop (ON-GRID) standardised, containerised, smart hydro power plants providing additional capacity to the national electricity network and increase the stability of the national grid.