Hydrobox is thrilled to be part of the profitable #1000solutions protecting the environment

Hydrobox is proud to announce being awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label in February 2020 for its innovative hydropower solution.

The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label is an initiative born from a collaboration between the Solar Impulse Foundation and the European Commision that identifies solutions that bring together the protection of the environment and financial viability.

The label is awarded to institutions that successfully demonstrate that such solutions are inexpensive and offer opportunities for clean economic growth. The acquisition of the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label by Hydrobox within the Solar Impulse Foundation 1000 solutions portfolio goes a long way in strengthening our visibility, credibility and further connecting us with potential stakeholders such as investors, clients, companies and cities in Kenya and beyond.

As part of Solar Impact Foundation assessment standards, Hydrobox was able to meet the eligibility requirements which include: membership in the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, proof of innovation. readiness for commercialization, a show of technical experience as well as ascertaining a contribution in any one of the five global Sustainable Development Goals.

The selection process is rigorously undertaken by a panel of experts who must ascertain that a solution meets any of the following criteria: technical viability in relation to resilient technology and scalability in the real world, the solution’s impact at the different phases of its lifetime and the solution’s capacity to deliver an economic incentive for the client and generate profits in the short term.

A solution is thereafter awarded the Solar Impulse Label upon receiving a minimum of two yes’s in all of five selection criteria from at least two different experts on the panel. It’s noteworthy that the label has no expiration date but rather is linked to its year and month of attribution.

Why is it important to us?

More than a feather in our cap or a nice label to be proud of, Hydrobox's strict assessment by a panel of independent and competent experts demonstrates the economic opportunities that clean technologies bring. The intensive, neutral and certified methodology applied will help raise the profile of Hydrobox’s hydropower solutions as an innovator making us attractive to new investors.

About Hydrobox

Hydrobox is a Belgian-Kenyan hydro energy startup creating a sustainable environment using state of the art technologies. How? By using hydropower plants that harvest the power of running water and transform it into hydroelectricity.

Hydrobox manufactures and installs small standard and modular hydropower plants (because they fit into containers) with a generation capacity ranging from 100 kW to 5MW depending on the flow of the river and the slope of the site.

The hydropower plants are easy to transport and install, and can be connected to conventional grids or can power off-grid networks in Africa's most remote areas.