Hydrobox easily surpasses fundraising target of 100k to bring power to 3,500 individuals !

THAT'S A WRAP! Like all good things, our crowdfunding campaign with Spreds has come to an end...

We want to give a HUGE round of applause to everyone who supported and invested in us!

We are proud to share that a grand total of 146.700€ was collected from 110 investors and will go towards up-scaling our operations in Kenya providing power to 3.500 individuals by the end of 2020!

On behalf of the Hydrobox team, THANK YOU!

Hydrobox appealed to investors on several fronts. It’s a renewable energy project with large social impact and a clear path to a financial return.

To most Electricity wouldn't seem like a venture worth investing in. It’s one of the amenities taken for granted. But 57% of Africa has no access to electricity. Projects like this allow experts on the ground with localized resources to make a viable hydro power station. The initial inventor – John Magiro – designed a prototype using easily available materials.

He then scaled his project in collaboration with Thomas Poelmans, who provided hi-tech equipment and international connections to improve, enhance, and expand this concept. It’s the healthy mix of on-ground access and global contacts that made this initiative successful.

The goals of this project are to design and run 6 power plants throughout Kenya over a period of 4 years. Every hydrobox can serve 2,000 to 20,000 people.