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Yetu Energy Africa

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Yetu Energy Africa offers engineering & remote asset management services to professional power producers & consumers, leveraging state-of-the-art IoT & data analytics to remotely manage the assets, make them smarter and increase their profitability & impact


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Turbulent is a Belgian turbine manufacturer developing MICRO HYDRO technology (50 - 150 kW)

They have developed an innovative low cost turbine ideal for LOW HEAD sites
(1-10m high )


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  JLA Hydro is a Belgian turbine manufacturer developing MINI HYDRO technology (100 kW - 1 MW)

They develop the versatile & cost-effective crossflow turbine, ideal for MEDIUM HEAD sites (10-50m)

JLA Hydro

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Infrapower SA produces standardized & containerized SMALL HYDRO power plants
(1-10 MW)


They provide design engineering, procurement and construction as a service for HIGH HEAD (+50m) sites

Malthe Winje

NETFUND is organized under Kenyan law as a semi-autonomous state agency under the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. NETFUND is engaged in designing and delivering highly impactful pilot projects that are aimed at solving environmental challenges in Kenya in a scaleable manner. An important aspect of their work is focused on innovative renewable energy initiatives.