Hydrobox in a nutshell...

Hydrobox in a nutshell...

Power Plants


3 online

1 under construction

120 kW off-grid

500 kW on-grid




Recent awards & recognitions


Euronext Brussels 

Jungle Bells 2019
Most Innovative Company

EDF Pulse Africa 2019
Most innovative off-grid model


Solar Impulse Foundation Profitable Solution
for the 


Start Up Energy Transition 2020
Top 100 Start Up

Hydrobox brings power to the people! 

Our mission is to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable access to energy in regions that do not have this today. We offer an innovative turnkey solution that relies on the most efficient, affordable and sustainable source of energy: hydropower.


We develop small hydro power plants that harvest the power of running water and then transform it into electricity to emPOWER rural households & businesses in developing countries. We believe that electricity is the engine towards welfare and growth in rural Africa.

Why Hydrobox?

Hydrobox is a standardized, containerized remotely controlled power plant that solves many of the challenges of hydro projects. Equipped with VUB designed smart sensors and using artificial intelligence & blockchain technology, the Hydrobox allows remote monitoring & control, as well as predictive operation & maintenance.

Standardised & Containerised

Smart Sensors & Artificial Intelligence 

Small & Run-of-River 

- Reduced costs

- Shorter lead time 

- Mobility

- Monitoring & forecasting 

- Remote operations

- Predictive maintenance

- Less Red Tape 

- No need for dams

- Low environmental impact

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